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good evening'm new to the forum I would like to support overclocking x ..... recently or compreato motherboard sabertooth 990FX processor fx 8120 black edition dissippatore ModXStream-Pro 600w power supply artic freezer 13 vegeance 4x2 8gb ram ..... I am currently with multiplier to 20x cpu frequency 200 pci bus frequency and memory frequency 100 1600 cpu / nb ht lik frequency 2000MHz 2000MHz cpu speed spred spectrum disable pci and spred spectrum epu disable power saving mode disable dram timing 9-9-9-24 I disabled c1 c6 loadline calibration enabled high cpu nb loadline calibration current capability 140 high cpu cpu / nbcurrent 130 cpu power phase control capability extreme ....... v core tried 1:35 1:34 but the temperature is 60 degrees oltere bo ..... I do not know I must go down with the multiplier and 4000MHz too give me a straight ... enescar ........... help me out .. thanks in advance

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I started with raga test ibt but now on 60 degrees ...........
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