low fps on bf1

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Hi everyone, i have a fps lag issue with this game.
my build is:
CPU: i5 7600k (it runs at 100%);
GPU: rx 580 8 gb XFX XXX (many times it runs at 0 and after a few then 100%, with hwmonitor i see a 15 GB of VRAM usage);
RAM: 2x8GB vengeance lpx 2133 Hz cl 13;
PSU: Corsair CX 650M.
I have dx12 disabled because i see that the game runs better.
I have some video settings on high and some else on medium, i have disabled the gpu restriction, i have made the user.cfg file with renderAheadlimit to 1 but the game continues to lag. My fps go from 60 to 40 in some action moment and i see a 100% usage of cpu while the gpu usage is at 0 many times. What i have to do? Please help me.
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