PROBLEMA Can't reach main Wi-Fi, but can see other networks


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From a week I clean-installed Windows 10 on my new SSD and now I can't see the Wi-Fi network at my gf's house. I've always used that connection and I can't figure out how to make it work again with my PC (ASUS N56JN)
Additional info:
-The network properly works with other devices
-There is no MAC filtering or IP assignment on the router
-Router is Vodafone Station Revolution, software is up to date
-Network's SSID doesn't show up on networks' list, while others do (hotspot from smartphone, for example, works)
-I tried removing the network from known networks, but didn't help
-Troubleshooting (even in Administrator mode) didn't help
-I can connect with an Ethernet cable
-I can connect using my phone as external Wireless adapter (USB tethering)
-Wireless adapter (Ralink RT3290) drivers are up to date (version 5.0.57)
-I uninstalled and reinstalled drivers many times, using both Windows and 3rd party tools
-I used Juniper network VPN tools and VM Workstation on previous installation, if this can help (on other HDD)
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Thank you for your answer.
I had already installed the ATK Package, exactly the same version (I run several drivers tools in order to try to solve the problem)
The SSID is transmitted by router?
Yes, it is, and it is displayed correctly on every other device I use. I can add that, obviously, my laptop is in range (2m from router, no obstacles).


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