PROBLEMA Bad connection between PC and Samsung TV


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Hi everyone!
I have a problem regarding the connection between my PC (equiped with an AMD R9 380) and my TV Samsung MU6172 via HDMI. Objects like Start menu, mouse cursor or 3D objects in games suffer huge lag.
The problem appeared when TV stopped recognizing my computer as "PC" and started labeling it as "Unknown".
I stress on the fact that if I connect this PC with other TVs there is NO problem and everything is perfect (Ican play game without problems and with the highest settings). Also, if I connect different PCs to the Samsung TV there is again NO problem (in fact TV label them as "PC"). Different HDMI cables were tested but no differences were detected.
I reinstalled GPU drivers several times using DDU.
I've already restored TV to the factory settings.
Hope you can help me!


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