thunderbolt 2 to displayport VS minidisplayport to displayport


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ho un macbook pro 15 late 2013 e un monitor LG 27UL850.

Ho collegato il macbook al monitor tramite cavo HDMI-HDMI e mi legge il 4k a 30 herz.

Ho letto che usando la porta displayport sul monitor dovrei portarlo ai 60 Herz.

A tal proposito mi chiedevo se fosse meglio acquistare un cavo thunderbolt 2 (fattore di forma è uguale alla mini display port) to displayport oppure se acquistare un cavo minidisplay port to displayport di ultima generazione (1.4?)

Sapete se quest'ultimo è retrocompatibile con displayport 1.2? nel senso che la displayport 1.4 è uscita nel 2016 ed essendo il macbook di ottobre 2013 credo supporti la versione 1.2.

So che la thunderbolt 2 rispetto alla stessa versione di minidisplayport dovrebbe essere migliore, però credo che diplayport 1.4 sia ancora meglio della thunderbolt 2 .



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To support 4K at 60Hz, you need to properly enable support for DisplayPort 1.2’s Multi-Stream Transport (MST) feature. Originally conceived as a way of daisy chaining multiple displays together off of a single DP output, the current crop of 4K displays use MST to drive a single display. By sending two tiles, each behaving like a 1920 x 2160 display (one half of 3840 x 2160), you can get around the bandwidth limitations of the current crop of display hardware. Note that it is possible to drive a 4K display at 60Hz using a single DisplayPort 1.2 stream, the limitation today appears to be entirely on the monitor side. The first generation of 4K displays appear to be a bit of a hack. I’m not sure if the Mac Pro’s GPU hardware can drive upcoming 4K single stream panels or not as AMD specifically lists that as a feature of the new Radeon R9 series.

The 4K/MST support requires a software component as well. The GPU driver needs to know how to divide its frame buffer for output to the individual tiles, which can vary between monitors. MST topologies for single-display/4K60 support aren’t standardized unfortunately. Apple handles this by maintaining some sort of a whitelist for various displays they’ve tested. The Sharp PN-K321 that Apple sells alongside the Mac Pro (as well as the ASUS clone of it) ships with 4K60 support configured out of the box. All you need to do is ensure that DisplayPort 1.2 MST is enabled on the display itself (something that appears off by default) and plug it into the Mac Pro.

Non so, dopo 7 anni, come funzioni questa cosa e soprattutto se sia supportata dal tuo monitor. È nata per monitor specifici, tipico di Apple, all' epoca.


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