Perché uno standard migliore non ha sostituito l'alimentatore ATX della scheda madre a 24 pin?


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It is ugly, cumbersome and problematic to physically adapt to smaller form factors than Mini-ITX. From the laymen's point of view, a USB-C-like connector that provides all low-power functionality seems reasonable. 12V could be provided by an equally clean connector with characteristics similar to an 8-pin PCIe, with multiple 12V connectors used as required. The PCIe 8 pin could also be replaced by this connector so that 4500 yen to usd the power supply only needs to have one motherboard connector, many 12V connectors and some legacy connectors such as Sata (it is not necessary 244 miles for 3/4 12V connector types, the PCIe 6 pin can be eliminated completely). In the (long) transition period, adapters could be used to allow new power supplies to supply power to old hardware,

Molex and many other things died long ago, the 24-pin ATX standard should also. IMO even on normal size PCs where the motherboard has no space limitations the wires stand in between and can represent a routing challenge that is only unnecessarily embarrassing.
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