PROBLEMA One of Two Speakers Connected to Subwoofer is not working, cables are in fine


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I have the following Items
Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound Card
Bose Companion 50

There are supposed to be two speakers but only one is working and the cables are plugged in fine, the two little speakers are connected to the subwoofer which is then connected to the soundcard in the speaker's port. Why does only one of the speaker's work?


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Assuming that is not a software and/or a configuration problem, there are many parts that can be broken: the loudspeaker, the amplifier, the cable, the connectors. Hard to diagnose. It is a plug and play device, therefore it does not need either special drivers or configuration setup.
And just to be sure, check in your computer if you have the volume set up correctly (i.e. same volume for both left and right speakers)
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