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Ciao Ragazzi( ":)" ).
molto presto avrò un portatile con queste caratteristiche :

1) CPU = 1.7 Ghz Pentium Centrino
2) RAM = 2 Gb
3) Sk. Grafica = Ati Mobility Fire GL2
RAM = 128 Mbyte
Internal DAC = 350 Mhz

Che dite, ce la faccio oppure No?

Grazie a Tutti

Queste sono le specifiche della scheda Grafica:

FireGL2 is the ideal mid-range solution for MCAD and 3D game development. The FireGL2 redefines mid-range workstation graphics by delivering a high-powered OpenGL accelerator with outstanding 2D and 3D performance. Perfect for MCAD and other demanding applications, the FireGL2 features 128MB of on-board memory, a 256-bit graphics rasterizer and a hardware accelerated geometry engine, and AGP 2X/4X support.
The FireGL2 is fully optimized for Intel's Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) and AMD Athlon processor-based systems with 3DNow! technology. Support for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux is included.

Get ready to take your creativity to the next level with the FireGL2.

Graphics controller
IBM Chipset: RC 1000 256-bit Graphics Rasterizer and GT1000 hardware geometry engine with integrated features including
VGA Controller
2D/3D Raster Engine and dual Texture Unit
8-bit Double Buffered Overlays
Video Overlay Unit
2 DMA / BLIT Units
Polygon Setup Processor
300 MHz / 30-bit Palette DAC, including four color lookup tables and gamma correction table
256-bit Rasterizer & DDR memory interface
Bus type
AGP 2X/4X v2.0 Compliant
Memory configuration
128 Mb DDR SGRAM, Unified Framebuffer
Operating system support
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Intel SSE Optimized
AMD 3DNow! Support
3D performance
27 million Triangles/second, G-Shaded, Z-buffered, non-Textured
31 Million Anti-Aliased Vectors/second
410 Million Pixels/second fill rate, G-Shaded, Z-buffered, non-Textured
200 Million Pixels/second Trilinear Texture fill rate (Mip-mapped)
3D features
Full OpenGL 1.1 ICD with 1.2 functional extensions
Single-pass bump mapping and hardware 3D textures
Gouraud shading
Bilinear and trilinear MIP-mapping
Alpha blending
Fogging and depth cueing
Anti-aliased lines and sorted polygons
Scissoring and stippling
Overlay and stencil buffers
Hardware geometry acceleration
100% OpenGL geometry pipeline
Full geometry transform processing
Full lighting calculations for 16 sources, including directional, positional and spot
Gamma Corrected Anti-Aliased Lines
Back Face Culling
Occlusion Culling
Linked Queues
DB-15 Analog Monitor VESA-DDC2B
DVI-D Digital Monitor Output
StereoGraphics Connectors
Broadcast video
Bilinear scaling (up/down)
YUV-RGB converter for video and textures
Supports 422 YUV & RGB Pixels
2, Triple Buffered, Video Overlays
300 MHz / 30-bit Palette DAC
Form factor
Single, 2/3 ATX Card Length

Qualcuno sa + o - a quelle delle + conosciute schede grafiche si avvicina? E quale sono le sue prestazioni con D3?

thanks :);):)


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