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  • a dire il vero non ho capito bene la situazione... quello che è certo è che wallbase non c'è più e al suo posto ci sarà wallhaven che per ora è in fase alpha.
    tutti gli sfondi che erano su wallbase sono su e tutto sarà in versione testing. piano piano uscirà dalla fase alpha e "resterà" solo

    It has only been a few hours since the site has 404'ed, and I am honestly hoping its just a temp error, and the site will pop back up.

    Wallbase came into my life when I was at a low point, and working at Wallbase, and meeting all the people I did through Wallbase, helped me get out of that mindset.

    I will forever be grateful to Wallbase for being such an awesome website, and for being the reason I met some wonderful people online. Especially the owner, Yotoon, who was such a nice guy. May he R.I.P, and may Wallbase R.I.P.

    Wallhaven will have all the wallpapers of Wallbase when it goes into beta. I am gonna suggest creating an honorary admin account in Yotoon's name at Wallhaven.

    -- lezboyd

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